Happy Tails Pet Care Services

At Happy Tails, we do pet care differently.

At Happy Tails, safety is our number one priority. We have rigorous policies in place to help protect your pets, and our staff. We ask that clients have their pets on approved tools – or we are happy to bring our own! Harnesses do not provide adequate control – our staff use only slip leads, and lightweight chain collars, whichever tool is the most suitable for your pet. These tools allow us to have confidence in our control of your pet, and also provide the necessary release when pets are behaving calmly.

Dogs are never allowed off-leash unless their recall is demonstrated to be exceptional. Dogs without exceptional recall can still experience the joy of being off-leash, while remaining connected to staff on a 30-50ft. “long line”. Off-leash outings are conducted in a private outdoor area, and involve highly structured play. Group outings never include more than 3 dogs.

Our goal is to do more than simply exercise your dog: we focus on confidence building, teaching leash manners and basic walking expectations, and stimulating your dog’s mind so they come home both mentally and physically tired. A Happy Tails walk is more than just a basic stroll! If the weather is particularly extreme, our staff can train your dog to use your treadmill! Treadmill training offers a fantastic alternative form of exercise. Whether your dog is on a private or group walk, they will always come home feeling tired and satisfied.

Complimentary Meet & Greet

It is important that both you and your pets are completely comfortable with our staff and services. During this introductory visit, we will work with you to determine the ideal services to meet your needs, and ensure a perfect match between our staff and your pets.

Cat Visits ($20 per visit)

Although cats are often more independent than dogs, they still require regular care while their owners are away. Our staff will ensure that your cat has a spotless litter box, fresh food and water, and will tailor any playtime to reflect your cat’s individual personality. Visits are approximately 15-20 minutes in length.

Dog Walking

We offer a variety of dog walking services to suit your dog’s needs.

Private leashed walks are suitable for puppies, seniors, and dogs who prefer independent attention. Private walks take place in your neighbourhood, in the environment your dog is most comfortable in. We work towards achieving a fun, loose-leash walk experience every time, with plenty of engaging mental stimulation. We have walkers who are particularly trained to handle dogs with reactivity concerns: regardless of your dog’s unique needs, we will find the perfect staff member to ensure a safe and enjoyable walk for all involved. 

Private 15 minute walk: $20
Private 30 minute walk: $25
Private 45 minute walk: $30

* Each additional dog in the same household: $10



 If you want your pets to receive the same amount of care and attention when you are away as when you are home, consider our in-home boarding service. Depending on your pet’s needs, a member of our staff will provide care throughout the day and night, either at their home or yours. This includes walks, playtime, administering medication, and meeting specific feeding requirements. Your pet will not notice your absence!

Boarding at a sitter’s home: $50 per night

Boarding at Veronica’s (founder/owner) home: $50 per day

Boarding (live-in) in your home: $75 per night

* Overnight services include walks, playtime, feeding, administering medication, etc.

* Rate is based on one dog household, additional fees apply for multi animal households – please contact us for a customized quote.

Puppy Visits ($20 per visit)

Puppies are a joy to raise, but they require frequent bathroom breaks, and a chance to stretch their legs during the day. Let us take care of meeting your puppy’s needs while you’re at work. Our staff will ensure that your puppy has ample bathroom time outdoors, food and water, and some stimulating, structured, and supervised playtime to tire them out until you arrive home. At Happy Tails, puppy visits are not just a bathroom break, they are structured play outings designed by our trainer specifically for the mental and physical capacities of puppies. Visits are approximately 15-20 minutes in length.


1.5x Holiday rates apply on:

New Years Day (Jan 1), Family Day (3rd Monday in February), Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Victoria Day (Monday before May 25), Canada Day (July 1 & 3), Civic Holiday (First Monday in August), Labour Day (First Monday in September), Thanksgiving Day (Second Monday in October), Christmas Eve (December 24), Christmas Day (December 25), Boxing Day (December 26), New Years Eve (December 31).

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Contact us and we can customize a pet care plan for you, while you’re away, to have your pets extremely well taken care of!