Premium Full Service Pet Care In Ottawa, Ontario

At Happy Tails, we do pet care differently.

Our highly skilled team consists of veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants, professional groomers, and animal enthusiasts – all committed to offering your pet the individualized care they deserve. We don’t just love animals – we know animals. And we use that knowledge to reach a singular goal: to return your pets in the happiest, healthiest state possible, every time. Our team’s extensive breed knowledge and experience allows us to cater completely to your pet with a wide range of services in the Ottawa area.

Whether you require a drop-in visit, private or group walk, or pet boarding, we take the trust you place in us seriously. Depending on your pet’s needs, they will receive behavioural training from our in-house trainer(s), basic grooming, and structured, supervised play designed for optimal mental and physical exercise.

We have particular experience with giant breeds, show dogs, and special needs pets – we understand and respect the specialized care those animals require..